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Shawn "Etcetera" McClain has done it again with a powerful soundtrack to the feature film M.O.T.H. (Matters of the Heart). He has made some amazing strides recently with his two singles "WAY UP" feat. Billionz and "DANCE FOR YOU" feat. KAYA JONES (formerly of the Pussy Cats Dolls) which have topped charts nationally. ETCETERA was approached by Ms. Nancy Vazquez who is the director of the project to work out a score for the film. He was more than interested since he has already worked with her on two of his award-winning music videos. This is Vazquez' first full-length film.

"She graciously put the trust in me to be her music supervisor knowing that I would dramatize each scene of her film with sound, which I did it beautifully and it translated into this astonishing soundtrack."

The project attracted other artists which ETCETERA collaborated with to enhance the soundtrack. The title track "Matters of the Heart" which was led by ETCETERA also featured the alluring vocals of recording artist Deli Rowe. The track is sort of a blueprint of what to expect from the powerful project. He also brought on artists like Noel Gourdin, Greg Dean, Elsie Southerland, Afro Diamond and Hana Ni. Each of these artists were hand-picked according to what magic they can bring to the soundtrack. The film is a psychological thrillerabout the tragic road the lead character, Linda Blake takes to find love and begin a better life.

The film has already graced the screen at many major film festivals globally. They are currently working on distribution. ETCETERA chose each song to reflect the message the film was trying to convey and he did that perfectly. Besides all the artists he worked with he also teamed up with producer Mike City who offered his touch to tracks like "Nobody Knows". Etcetera did not look to far from his home when he paired up with D-Moet on the single "Living My Life" he is known for the Hip Hop Classic "Hate Me Now" by Nas feat. P. Diddy. That particular track featured the velvet vocals of Elsie Southerland. The other two female vocalists who offered their sultry voices were Natalie Weiss and Amber Iman on the single "Like Rain".

Etcetera has made major advances in his career wearing many hats, as a recording artist, writer, film music supervisor, executive soundtrack album producer, global brand ambassador, entrepreneur and entertainment industry professional. Besides being the music supervisor and the executive album producer of this project, he also adds another film to this list "Bare Knuckler Brawlers", which is out now and streaming on all available platforms. He is also a casual partner in his daughter's clothing brand The KMarie Project. In addition, ETCETERA is also the Global Ambassador of Lamborghini Champagne.

Recently he was featured on the single "I CAN MAKE IT" from Grammy / Independent Music Award winning family music recording artist Father Goose. Etcetera always keeps himself moving forward as he is working on his official sophomore studio album titled SAGTARIUS and partnered up with Derek Caldwell to begin phase one of production on a new comedy sitcom.

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